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570)Political Science Professor Salim Mansur,Coreligionist,Fellow Rightwinger;Not All University Professors Are Pinko Lefty Commie Islamist Apologists

Salim Mansur is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. He is a columnist for the London Free Press, the Toronto Sun and, and has contributed to various publications including National Review, the Middle East Forum and Frontpagemag. He often presents analysis on the Muslim world, Islam, South Asia, Middle East.

He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Islamic Pluralism based in Washington, D.C., a Senior Fellow with the Canadian Coalition for Democracies, and an academic-consultant with the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. He has been a consultant with CIDA on development issues and has published widely in academic journals on foreign policy matters and area studies of the Middle East and South Asia.

Mansur is featured on the documentary Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West. He also unsuccessfully ran for the Canadian Alliance party in 2000.

He is an Ismaili Muslim.

At a press conference on October 2, 2008, Mansur stated that "Islam is my private life, my conscience...[but] my faith does not take precedence over my Canada and its constitution, which I embrace freely;" "I am first and most importantly a Canadian;" "only in a free society will you find Islam as a faith and not a political religion." Mansur also criticized New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton, whom Mansur said "has gone to bed with Islamists", because he is running candidates in Ontario and Quebec who are closely identified with the push for Sharia law.[1]

Salim Mansur is an Associate Professor in the faculty of social sciences, University of Western Ontario, London (Ontario, Canada), and teaches in the department of political science. He is the co-editor of The Indira-Rajiv Years: the Indian Economy and Polity 1966-1991and has published widely in academic journals such as Jerusalem Quarterly, The Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies,American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, Arab Studies Quarterly, and Middle East Quarterly.

Mansur writes a weekly column for Toronto Sun and his Sun columns are frequently published across Canada. in He also writes a monthly column for the biweekly magazine Western Standard (Calgary), and periodically for National Post (Canada), and has published in the Globe and Mail (Toronto).

Mansur was born in Calcutta, India and moved to Canada where he completed his studies, receiving a doctorate in political science from the University of Toronto. Before joining the University of Western Ontario he worked as a Research Fellow at the Canadian Institute for International Peace and Security in Ottawa. Mansur is Canadian director of the Centre for Islamic Pluralism and an academic consultant with the Center for Security Policy based in Washington, D.C. as well as a Senior Fellow with the Canadian Coalition for Democracies based in Toronto. Mansur remains active in public affairs, and is a frequent analyst and commentator on radio and television, invited as a panelist in PBS Jim Lehrer Hour and recently participated in the Doha Debates held in Doha, Qatar and broadcast on the BBC World Forum from London, England. Mansur was presented in September 2006 with the American Jewish Congress’s Stephen S. Wise ‘Profile in Courage’ award.

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