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638)Discover Canada: The Rights And Responsibilities Of Citizenship – Audio Guide; Quotes Of Minister Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister Of Citizenship..


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Discover Canada: the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
Duration: 2 hour 27 min
Listen to the entire citizenship study guide. Or see below to listen by chapter. The audio may take a moment to load.

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Audio guide chapters:
The Oath of Citizenship
Message to Our Readers
Applying for Citizenship
Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
Who We Are
Canada’s History
Modern Canada
How Canadians Govern Themselves
Federal Elections
The Justice System
Canadian Symbols
Canada’s Economy
Canada’s Regions
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Quotes Of Canadian Minister Of Citizenship, Immigration And Multiculturalism Hon. Jason Kenney(2009):

1)When you become a citizen, you're not just getting a travel document into Hotel Canada.
2)I think it's scandalous that someone could become a Canadian not knowing what the poppy represents, or never having heard of Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, Dieppe or Juno Beach.
3)We mention freedom of conscience and freedom of religion as important rights but we also make it very clear that our laws prohibit barbaric cultural practices, they will not be tolerated, whether or not someone claims that such practices are protected by reference to religion.
4)I think we need to reclaim a deeper sense of citizenship, a sense of shared obligations to one another, to our past, as well as to the future, a kind of civic nationalism where people understand the institutions, values and symbols that are rooted in our history.
5)New Canadians are naturally conservative in the way they live their lives: they are entrepreneurial; they have a remarkable work ethic; they are an aspirational class; they want stability; they are intolerant of crime and disorder; they have a profound devotion to family and tradition, including institutions of faith; that whole spectrum of values is conservative.