Sunday, June 28, 2009

489)Having Purged Myself Of The Putrefaction Of Liberalism + Socialism Here Is A Collection Of Posts Coursing Nourishing Conservatism Through My Veins

1)An interesting off-topic diversion, an article on "Islamism and Democracy" by Joshua Muravchik; quotes of Aga Khan IV.

2)Canadian Conservative Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney makes Courageous and Necessary Immigration Reforms

3)Another Off-Topic Gem; An Unholy Alliance That Could Lead To Nuclear Armageddon: The Left Romances The Jihad, By Clifford D. May and Jamie Glazov.

4)Apologies don't quell anarchy

5)Palestinians can learn from Jews

6)The Role of Consensus in the Contemporary Struggle for Islam; The Amman Message.

7)The Conservative Government Of Prime Minister Stephen Harper Has Consistently Shown The Utmost Deference And Respect To His Highness The Aga Khan.

8)"What do a billion Muslims really think?" asks 6-year long, 40-Muslim nation Gallup Poll Study of ordinary Muslims; results often surprising.

9)Another one of those off-topic posts: My visit to the City of Lights, Paris, and to the beachhead of my cherished freedoms, Normandy, France.

10)Another Off-Topic Wake-Up Call; Tarek Fatah: Racism-The Road To Genocide

11)Theocratic Thugs, Shiite Shitheads; Proud Persians: Demand Democracy!!

12)A Collection Of Posts Honouring Courageous Sisters in Religion:Irshad Manji,Yasmin Alibhai-Brown,the Redoubtable Moghul,Sheema Khan and Sheela B.

13)A Collection Of Posts Describing The Stephen Harper Conservative Government's Magnificent New Citizenship Guide; Quotes Of Minister Jason Kenney.

14)How Canada's Conservatives Won The Immigrant Vote; Quotes of Hon Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism

15)Am I The Only Person In The World Who Remembers That the World Trade Center Was A Work Of Islamic Architecture?

16)Lorne Gunter: Trudeau’s Impact Is Obvious. It’s Also Mostly Bad

17)Blast From The Past: George Galloway Promotes Necessity Of Alliance Between Islamists And The Left, Citing Common Enemies.

18)Mark Tapson Offers Ten Good Suggestions On How To Make Islam Respectable; Quotes Of Easy Nash, Jason Kenney and Orestes Brownson.

19)Khairi Abaza Of The FDD Teaches Us The Difference Between The Terms ISLAMIC and ISLAMIST: Failure To Understand The Difference Leads To Armageddon

Easy Nash

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