Wednesday, October 1, 2008

412)Blogpost Four Hundred and all its earlier incarnations; the Cardinal Post of My Blog on the Link between Science and Religion in Islam

1)September 1st 2008:

400)Blogpost Four Hundred, Knowledge, Intellect, Creation, Science and Religion: Comprehensive Quotes of Aga Khan IV and Others; a never-ending post:

2)February 15th 2008:

327)Comprehensive quotes of Aga Khan IV and others relating to knowledge, intellect, creation, science and religion-FROM 2007CE DOWN TO 322BC:

3)January 17th 2008:

304)The most amazing one-liners and short quotes, 632CE to 2007CE-UPDATED:

4)January 16th 2008 and December 15th 2007:

303)The Creation according to the Quran and Key figures in Islam-UPDATED:

5)January 16th 2008 and December 17th 2007:

302)My favourite quotes as listed on my Facebook profile-UPDATED

6)January 16th 2008:

301)Selected speech excerpts of Aga Khan IV, from 1963 to 2004, relating to the subjects of knowledge, intellect, scince and religion:

7)January 15th 2008:

300)Timeless sayings of Aga Khan III, Consolidated:

8)January 15th 2008:

299)Consolidated Quotes of Aga Khan IV, Consolidated:

9)August 22nd 2007:

245)More excerpts and quotes by Mawlana Hazar Imam, Aga Khan IV, in Uganda(Aga Khan Academy), relating to intellect, creation, science and religion

10)August 21st 2007:

244)Selected quotes from Mawlana Hazar Imam, Aga Khan IV's current East African visit, Aug 12-23 2007, that are relevant to the title of my blogsite

11)July 6th 2007:

213)The Creation according to Quran, Prophet Muhammad, Aga Khan IV, Aga Khan III, Imam Jafar As-Sadiq, Al-Kirmani, Al-Sijistani, Nasir Khusraw et al

12)July 2nd 2007:

208)Selected speech excerpts of Aga Khan IV, from 1963 to 2004, relating to the subjects of knowledge, intellect, science and religion

13)March 28th 2007 and February 21st 2007:

145)Audio speech as well as timeless sayings of Aga Khan III, combo delight

14)February 10th 2007:

129)Quotes of Aga Khan IV, Consolidated

15)December 9th 2006:

60)Excerpt: Aga Khan IV's interview with Spiegel newspaper

16)December 9th 2006:

35)Quote of Aga Khan III: Matter and Spirit

17)December 9th 2006:

22)What have we forgotten in Islam?: Aga Khan III

18)December 8th 2006:

10)Sayings of Aga Khan III

9)Sayings of Aga Khan IV

19)December 4th 2006:




Easy Nash

The Qur'an itself repeatedly recommends Muslims to become better educated in order better to understand God's creation: Aga Khan IV(2007)
The Quran tells us that signs of Allah's Sovereignty are found in the contemplation of His Creation: Aga Khan IV(2007)
This notion of the capacity of the human intellect to understand and to admire the creation of Allah will bring you happiness in your everyday lives: Aga Khan IV(2007)
Islam, eminently logical, placing the greatest emphasis on knowledge, purports to understand God's creation: Aga Khan IV(2006)
The first and only thing created by God was the Intellect(Aql): Prophet Muhammad(circa 632CE)