Tuesday, April 8, 2008

341)Congratulations to the much-visited and wildly popular ISMAILI MAIL website on registering its one millionth visitor.

Today, April 8th 2008, the much-visited and wildly popular Ismaili Mail website registered its one millionth visitor.

These comments on Ismaili Mail's 'about' section regarding this milestone achievement speak for themselves:

1)X-tatic about IM - April 8, 2008
I know this is a pinch early, but you are on the verge …

Congratulations to the Ismaili Mail blog on the 1,000,000 hits milestone! It is a wonderful achievement to have accomplished during the Golden Jubilee year of Mowlana Hazar Imam.


This blog has become a personal favorite of mine for several reasons, and I wanted to share those with you:

* All of your posts are accompanied by references and links to credible sources.

* Your posts are not simply copy & pastes of entire articles, but you’ve taken the time in many cases to extract particular elements of interest, and encourage the reader to go to the original source if they are interested in the rest.

* Your posts often include audio and video, allowing visitors to gain a different level of appreciation for the diversity of culture and expression within a global context.

* You’ve supported the official web-sites instead of competing with them!

* By allowing comments, but taking the time to moderate them (IE they need approval before they show up), you proactively ensure appropriateness of what readers view on the blog.

* Last but certainly not least, Ismaili Mail in my mind is a successful role model of a civil society organization on the Internet – complimenting the work of the institutions towards common goals and aspirations.

Looking forward to the day when you can say, ‘billions served’!

“By its very nature, civil society is pluralist because it seeks to speak for the multiple interests not represented by the state. The meritocracy they represent is the very foundation of pluralism. And meritocracy is one of the principles of democracy itself.”- Excerpt from a speech of His Highness the Aga Khan- Nobel Institute, Oslo, Norway, 7 April 2005

2)Easy Nash - April 8, 2008
I must tell you I could not have put it any better than “X-tatic about IM” in the above comment. This is a fast-moving site that waits for no one and I find this aspect of it exciting as well. As IM gets very close to its momentous and landmark one millionth visitor, other aspiring news website creators would be well-advised to study its simple yet profound design.

As a regular contributor to and commentator on IM and its Spirit and Life Blog as well as creator of the now trademarked phrase “much-visited and wildly popular Ismaili Mail website”, I congratulate the creator of IM on setting up and maintaining a news site that reaches hundreds of thousands of people(maybe millions) from 6 continents on our terrestrial planet Earth.

3)Shemin - April 8, 2008
Congratulations, Ismaili Mail Blog, you will be reaching the million hits in a matter of hours. Its a wonderful achievement to have achieved this milestone in such a short span of time and especially more so, for attaining this mark during the GJ year!

An excellent and truly professional effort by Ismaili Mail Blog of capturing and highlighting all the news about the Imamat, the work of the Imamat Institutions, and the Ismaili Muslim Community worldwide. Post 197 above describes it best.

Congratulations once again, and best wishes for Ismail Mail Blog’s continued efforts!

4)simerg - April 8, 2008
Congratulations - and the word about ismailimail has to keep on spreading. It is a magnificent blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

Easy Nash

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