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355)Whew! I could feel the mirchis and masala blow through my ears when I read this comment by our sister in religion Moghul; I take my hat off to you

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A Collection Of Posts Honouring Courageous Sisters in Religion:Irshad Manji,Yasmin Alibhai-Brown,the Redoubtable Moghul,Sheema Khan and Sheela B.


I have blogged before about other sisters in religion who have eloquently expressed their righteous indignation at those representing the entrenched interests of the Muslim Ummah, the men who scratch their itchy clean-shaven groins with one hand while fondling their long beards with the other:



To complete the hat trick I showcase a comment made on a Washington Post blog by sister Moghul, addressing mostly a stone-age critter which answers to the name of SuhailHajj and a few others:

SuhailHajj: Ignorance is the worst kind of terrorism. You talk like a Jahaliya!

The way you write and behave in a public forum reflects poorly on your faith, which you call Islam. You talk and act like a man who just got up from a bad dream. Or someone shaking in fear because his security blanket has just been snatched from him!

Melvin, I know you very well because for the past 30 years you have been sounding like a broken record, in the same tone, from forum to forum. No matter how hard you try to hide your identity, your language gives you away!

The rest of you, who call yourselves true Muslims, what have you done for Afghanistan besides destroying it? Has Aga Khan not helped Afghanistan? In fact, he continues to help, while your people sit on Thrones!

Who is killing Shias and Sunnis in Iraq? Who is demonizing people in Somalia? Who is responsible for 9/11, 7/7 and bombing in Spain?

Since when is it Islamic to take lives of innocent people? Allah S.W.T. says in the Qur'an, a life destroyed is a mankind destroyed and a life saved is a mankind saved!

Don't blame the Americans and the Jews! First look at the fire under your own feet!

What did you do for your people in Uganda when they were thrown out? Did not Aga Khan help everybody, irrespective of their faith? And your so called protectors of Islam helped Idi Amin, whose hands were drenched with blood!

What have your Protectors of Islam done besides, strapping bombs to young Muslim children in exchange for 72 houris in paradise? Your Protectors of Islam sold Palestine to the British for 20 thousand pounds!

These protectors of Islam, who sit on billions of dollars of oil fields, what have they done for the Ummah besides destruction! They can buy a diamond studded car for their children's birthdays, but they cannot welcome Palestinian refugees in their Kingdom!

For the past 62 years Palestinian refugees have been languishing in camps surrounded by Muslim kingdoms! Why? There is no other race on this Planet who has been displaced and is living in Camps! All Muslims should be ashamed of this.

Instead of shouting obscenities at people who are improving life of fellow human beings, why don't you use your time and help your fellow human beings?

Even the Jews took care of their own when they fled from Russia, Iran and Ethiopia!

In response to your question, "why Aga Khan is not helping Palestinians,", let me ask you, how do you know aga Khan has not tried to help them? I ask you all, who consider us one tenth of the whole Muslim Ummah, What have you done for the Palestinians? Isn't it a duty of a Muslim to help his fellow Muslims? Where are the Ansars of Islam! And you claim to follow the Sunnah of Prophet S.A.W. Then why are the Ismailis, the only Muslims, who not only take care of their own displaced people but of also of other Muslim brothers, including yours!

Didn't Ismaili Muslims take care of their flock from Afghanistan with the help of Aga Khan? What did you do brother Suhail Hajj for your people from Kosovo? When your people were not helping them, didn't the Canadian government ask the Ismaili Muslims to help the Kosovan Muslims? And didn't the Ismailis help them!

And you, SuhailHajj, brother, are condeming Aga Khan to Hell? Well, if Aga Khan goes to Hell, I would like to go to that Hell, because no way would I like to go to paradise with the likes of you!
Why did the Aga Khan have to restore the Sunni Masjid in Mopti and Madressas and Masjids in other parts of the world? Where were you guys?

And for brother Jand, the response to your question if Aga Khan has any Jewish blood in him...No, but his ancestor, The Prophet S.A.W. had a Jewish wife named Sofia and she was his tenth wife. He also had a Christian wife, Mary the Copt. She was his last wife!

Majority of you here, sound like you cannot see the work the Aga Khan is doing in the world, because deep inside, you wish your leaders would do this work! Yes, one of your fellows here has pleaded to the Ummah to do just that, but, the Ummah has turned a deaf ear! So go and shout your obscenities at the people who have made sure you do not attain education, and languish in Madressas while they enjoy their lives!

It is never too late, brother, if your leaders are not doing anything, start your own troop and go volunteer and be an Ambassador of Islam. Show the good side of Islam! Cursing in poor English shows the low life you are! And makes you look like a pagan rather than a Muslim.

A good Muslim is ethical, kind and gets along with everyone. Following 5 pillars of Islam and reciting salat with a filthy mouth and dirty heart, is not Islamic.

Maa Salaama! Mohgul

Come to think of it I once made a post in a similar vein to the above 3 myself:


Now I have to go drink some ice cold water to cool down.
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