Wednesday, April 30, 2008

356)A survey of off-topic posts in the 2-year history of my blog.

January 8th 2007:
The joys of friendship and, what's in a signature?

January 31st 2007:
Another one of those off-topic posts.

March 17th 2007:
Another one of those off-topic posts: My visit to the City of Lights, Paris, and to the beachhead of my cherished freedoms, Normandy, France.

May 20th 2007:
China Series No. 3:Coming face to face with Whiplash Wang and Cynical Ali in Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China.

July 4th 2007:
Two interesting viewpoints by a Canadian journalist.

February 11th 2008:
How's this for a gutsy sister in religion: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown?; Quote of Easy Nash.

March 27th 2008:
Showcasing Mamdoochacha's Satires Blog; fragrances of our old hometown neighbourhood, biting poetry on ecology, finance and much more; good blog.

April 1st 2008:
Our half-sister Irshad Manji says Wilders' movie "Fitna" would be more effective with more "rose" Quran verses in it, not only the "thorn" verses.

April 29th 2008:
Whew! I could feel the mirchis and masala blow through my ears when I read this comment by our sister in religion Moghul; I take my hat off to you.

Easy Nash

What's the point having a personal blog if you can't spice it up once in a while?(Easy Nash, 2007)