Wednesday, March 31, 2010

595)Professor Salim Mansur, Provocative, Fearless, Definitely No Shrinking Violet And Not A Pinko Either; A Collection Of Posts.

Orestes Brownson's noble hope: "that we have reached the term of our downward tendency; that radicalism has had its day; that a reaction has commenced, and that the mass of our people will recover from their folly, and henceforth not fear to be conservative."

"Islamism is the Bolshevism of the 21st century"(Professor Salim Mansur, Montreal, Canada, 2010)

Salim Mansur: Iraq Election Could Change History; George Bush's Regime Change Broke The Sunni Imperium In The Middle East.............

Salim Mansur Gives Us The Straight Goods On Eyeraq; Hint Hint: It's Not Good News For Pinko Lefty Commie Islamist Apologists

Political Science Professor Salim Mansur Reminds Muslims They Face Future Of Nightmarish Totalitarianism Unless They Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Political Science Professor Salim Mansur,Coreligionist,Fellow Rightwinger;Not All University Professors Are Pinko Lefty Commie Islamist Apologists

Recipe For Armageddon: Arab Muslims And Not So Arab Muslims, Snakes Slithering In The Sewers Of Antisemitism; Salim Mansur Soliloquizes

Salim Mansur on free speech as being a crux of western secular democracies; Cannot stand the free speech heat?: Best return to totalitarian bliss.

Salim Mansur Speaks My Mind With A Clarity That Is Astonishing: "Target The Terrorists, Not The Public"; Quote Of Easy Nash

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Easy Nash

If there are 23,000 jihadist websites and blogsites out there in cyberspace, there is no reason why we should not create 100,000 non-jihadist websites and blogsites: Easy Nash(2007).
If my Blog was a four year undergraduate degree I guess my major would be Science and Religion and my minor would be Politics: Easy Nash(2010).
The mother of all insecurities: 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet and they lather themselves into a dingbatty islamofascist rage if one or two Muslims happen to be pro-zionist: Easy Nash(2010).
Self-righteous politically-correct jamal public pinkos will end up destroying the world not saving it: Easy Nash(2010)